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connect everyone. Every gym, every class, every member.
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When we say "for everyone" we really mean it.
You just need a smartphone. Motosumo can even measure on standard bikes, using the built-in sensors of the phone. The entire team is shown in the app so you don’t need a group display for a team experience. If your members have heart rate monitors, they just bring them since we connect to all Bluetooth devices.
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Any gym, any class, any member. ​
One solution that works across all group exercises. ​
Mobile app providing members with relevant live data, easy color zones and exercise history.​
Group display showcasing real time team performance and rewards for everyone. ​
Instructor tool to manage the team and create a dynamic and motivating group experience.
Boutique fitness,
predator or victim?
Boutique gyms invest heavily in technology to create member engagement.
How are you going to compete... Instantly and without increasing cost?
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Zzzzzzzzzzzz... zzz... zz...
Trying to market the same old equipment, competitions and health benefits?
Feeling the presure to find something new, relevant and …soon….?
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Dare to be different?
Boutique gyms invest in technology to create strong member engagement.
How do you intend to stand out? …and in time…?
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Ready to be a hero?
You got great workout programs, but how do you create the best team experience?
Data driven athletes, social creatures, cool hipsters… How do you become a hero for all of them?
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Give me more
Anything new happened at your gym today? Probably not…
Getting new bikes? Next year maybe ... maybe not...
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Motosumo is a group training network for all your members.
Connecting everyone live in your group trainings through smartphones only.
This will allow them to compete, compare and cooperate through real-time data.
It will help boost your member motivation and drive new member acquisition.
Instantly scalable
You can be up and running in all your gyms instantly with Motosumos software based solution.
Our algorithm in the smartphone will connect and track your members every group exercise activity and give them instant feedback.
We are committed to continuously improve your members experience providing regular updates and new features.
Motosumo is a hardware independent solution, but support all your bluetooth compatible equipment.
Any gym, any class, any member
One solution that will work across all your group exercises.
The Motosumo app provide members with relevant live data and easy to follow color zones.
A group display showing real-time team performance and rewards for all your members to keep them motivated.
Provide tools for your instructor to manage the team and create a dynamic and engaging group experience.
Grow your member base
We will enable you to run competitions and marketing campaigns based on real performance data.
Motosumo gives you insights on concepts, classes, ​instructors and members, based and ratings to help manage your talents and concepts.
Build in referral features will help you drive member acquisition, for example by allowing members to invite a friend to join the team.
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